Sick children need your help!

We appeal to you with a request to provide financial help and clothes to sick children. Our contact information is given on the “Contact info” page.

Our Hospital is for poor sick children. The social clinic with 20-25 beds provides medical service for homeless children that enter the clinic dirty and hungry. During the short time of medical examination (up to two weeks) they need additional nutrition and clothes (the Hospital’s food allowance is very limited). The narcological clinic (15 beds) admits drug-addict teenagers suffering from drug-addiction, toxin-addiction and alcoholism. Most of them have hepatitis B and C, some of them are HIV-positive. The needs of the narcological clinic are the same as the needs of the social clinic. In addition equipment for the playrooms and classrooms, books, videotapes, games are needed. The tuberculosis clinic (80 beds) usually has many children from immigrant families and refugees, orphans from orphanages. Children usually stay in the Hospital for the period from several months up to 2-3 years, they age varies from several months up to 18 years. Sick children need additional nutrition, vitamins and medicine, payment for medical tests not covered by insurance (e.g. tomography), clothes. Also, personal hygiene supplies, books, movies and cartons on videotapes, indoor and outdoor game equipment is needed. We also provide continuous support for handicapped and disabled children who have been released from the Hospital. This service also requires financial support.

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